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ads, books, branding, brochures, catalogs, digital images, email newsletters, invitations, logos, packaging, photo editing, point-of-purchase displays, postcards, posters, signs, stickers, vector art, websites




Osamu Tezuka's Original Astro Boy (published by Dark Horse) Vols. 1-23
The Dark Horse Book of Witchcraft
Hellboy: Odder Jobs
Star Wars: Panel to Panel
Star Wars: Empire Vols. 1-3
Strip Search
Ultraman Tiga Vols. 1-2





All photographs on this site were taken by Joseph Quever (unless otherwise marked). View his website:




Klutz banner ad



Klutz banner ad


Email images for Klutz, a children’s book publisher
Used theme and books chosen by client to design each email promo image. Pulled images from Klutz library of photographs.



Klutz banner ad


Online banner ad for Klutz, a children’s book publisher


Klutz homepage graphics

Klutz homepage graphics
Added holiday elements to navigation. Designed Fridge of Fame identity. Produced main homepage promotion images.


Klutz retail catalog design

Klutz retail catalog
Redesigned 24-page catalog providing a clean and easy-to-read layout while maintaining a kooky sense of fun that the Klutz brand is known for. See inside a catalog


Tim Burton's Tragic Toys for Girls and Boys Tim Burton's Tragic Toys for Girls and Boys Tim Burton's Tragic Toys for Girls and Boys

Tim Burton’s Tragic Toys for Girls & Boys branding and packaging for Dark Horse Comics
Created branding for products, product packaging and print advertising using images and text from Tim Burton’s book, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories. The goal was to create a look for the line that was at once dark and cute, just like the characters in Tim Burton’s book.


Taxali stationery set design

Gary Taxali’s Sweetshop Toys stationery set for Dark Horse Comics
Suggested that artist Gary Taxali’s work be featured in a stationery set. Selected the artwork, designed the stationery, envelopes and belly band. Chose the images to use as stickers. Artist’s logo was provided.


Star Wars Empire® comic logo

Star Wars®: Empire series identity and book design for Dark Horse Comics
Created identity for this Star Warscomics series, which depicts events that took place during the Empire era. Logo needed to fit in with other Star Wars comic lines and needed to work on a variety of color backgrounds. Chose fonts from approved Star Wars font library.


Strip Search identity and book design

Strip Search identity and book design for Dark Horse Comics
Strip Search began as a weekly online comic strip contest. Designed logo for the contest and then adapted the look when the winning comic strips were collected into a book.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic book design

Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic series inside front covers for Dark Horse Comics
Created a new look for the inside front cover and letters pages for each four-issue mini-series including creation of background pattern, type selection and layout, and photo or illustration selection.


Dark Horse Comics catalog design

Dark Horse Comics section of Diamond Previews catalog and Dark Horse Custom Publishing brochure
Developed several catalog page templates to accommodate different numbers of books or products per page. The brochure was designed to match the catalog look. Logos and illustrations were provided.


Glass Alchemy collateral design

Marketing collateral including catalog with a pull-out poster for Glass Alchemy, a manufacturer of glass for artists
The colors of glass needed to be represented for artists to select the colors they wanted to use in their work. An artist made the glass discs with the Glass Alchemy logo, and I took photos of the discs and designed the catalog, posters and postcards.